May 9th, 2023, TUM Vorhoelzer Forum in Munich

We are looking forward to welcoming you again to our Munich Postdoc Day! 

The Munich Postdoc Day is a bi-annual event that provides you with the opportunity to meet and connect with other postdocs in Munich as well as interact with fantastic speakers/guests and discuss topics of interest to our postdoc community.

For 2023 Munich Postdoc Day „Insights into Leadership”, we invite all postdocs in the Munich area to join our in-person event on May 9th at the TUM Vorhoelzer Forum in Munich.

During the event, we will get insights into leadership in academia and beyond:

  • How can we as postdocs prepare for future leadership positions to balance the interests of all concerned parties – group members, collaborators, superiors society in general and last but not least, oneself?
  • How does the leadership role change according to where you work (institution, level of hierarchy)?
  • How do you grow into a leadership role?
  • How can we connect and build our networks to excel as the leaders of the future?

We have a wonderful group of speakers who will present their views and work in regards to leadership. Join us and get inspired to become the leaders of the future!

Our program

Our speakers

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