Munich Postdoc Night

Munich Postdoc Night

Showcase your Science

September 12, 2024

In Munich, we have joined forces this year to organise the first Munich Postdoc Night, giving postdocs the opportunity to connect and network across different disciplines and institutions to discuss their research.

The first Munich Postdoc Night is dedicated to recognising and celebrating the valuable contributions of postdoctoral researchers and will take place on the eve of the Postdoc Appreciation Week. Postdocs play a crucial role in the scientific community, driving innovation, fostering collaborations, and participating in outreach activities that shape the future of science. This event is about honoring their hard work, dedication, and achievements, providing postdocs in the Munich area with a space to connect across institutions and disciplines, engage in scientific discussions, and expand their network.

The event will take place on Thursday, September 12th from 5:00-9:00 pm, hosted at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BAdW) at Odeonsplatz.

Do not miss the exciting keynote lectures and the poster session. Engage with key actors in Munich, which are shaping and leading involved in outreach activities and collaboration across institutions. These networks will present their opportunities for postdocs and present how science can connect a city like Munich.

Why should you join the Munich Postdoc Night?

We often hear that postdocs in Munich do not feel well-connected and miss opportunities to discuss their research beyond their group. With the Munich Postdoc Night, we provide a space to expand your professional network by connecting with fellow postdocs from diverse scientific backgrounds in a casual afterwork setting.

You will have the chance to share your findings and gain new insights through scientific exchange, enriching your knowledge and perspective. Engaging in discussions will help you find potential collaborators for interdisciplinary projects, leveraging collective expertise to drive innovative research. Most importantly, you'll become part of a supportive and dynamic postdoc community in Munich, fostering social interactions, idea exchange, and mutual support in a vibrant academic environment across institutions.

How to participate?

Call for Posters: Win the MPN Poster Award!

The highlight of the event is the poster session where you can present your research to the postdoc community in Munich and compete for the Munich Postdoc Network Poster Award!

  • Deadlines & Selection Process: Please ensure to fill out this registration form by July 21st. You need to answer a few questions on your research and poster idea. When completing the form, keep in mind that the aim of this event is to present your research in a way that is understandable for postdocs from various disciplines and not just from your specific field.
  • Selection: We will review all submissions and notify you by July 26th whether you have been selected. The selection committee, consisting of Board Members of the Munich Postdoc Network from different disciplines, will make the decisions. The poster presenters will be grouped into different sections based on BaDW’s categories of scientific disciplines.
  • We will provide further guidelines and tips to help you create a poster for the event after the selection.
  • Poster Submission: If you are selected, please confirm your participation with a poster. You will need to submit your poster by September 1st, 2024. We will provide further guidelines and tips to help you create a poster for the event. In addition to the poster session, the evening’s program will also include a few short talks as part of a science slam. You can indicate in our registration form if you are also interested in giving a talk about your research.
  • The Poster Award will be granted by the "Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft" of the City of Munich for "Science Communication". The price is endowed with 500 Euro!

Register as a Regular Attendee

You can also register if you would like to attend the event without presenting a poster. Please note that spots are limited, and registration is binding. To secure your spot, please register via Eveeno.

During the event, drinks and snacks will be provided. Participation is free of charge. The event is primarily aimed at postdocs in the Munich area, but other interested guests are also welcome to join.

Child support during the event

We will offer the possibility for child support during the Munich Postdoc Night. Please indicate in the registration if you would be interested in this offer.



Is the event in English or German? Can I prepare a poster in German?
To ensure that the Munich Postdoc Night is accessible to all postdocs, the event will be in English and we would strongly encourage postdocs to provide posters in English.

What is the role of the poster presenters?
Postdocs who are interested in presenting their research as part of the poster sessions can fill the registration form until July 21st. If selected, you need to submit your poster until the end of August. The posters should display your research in an accessible way so that also researchers from different disciplines can understand the impact of your research. Poster presenters need to be present in-person during the entire Munich Postdoc Night. During the poster sessions, you have the opportunity to discuss your poster with other participants. All participants are invited to vote the best poster. The Munich Postdoc Network Poster Award will be awarded during the event’s closing session.

What to expect as a regular attendee?
Join the keynote talks and science slam and engage with the presenters during the poster session and the networking fair. Walk around and connect with postdocs from different disciplines. Maybe there is a potential to collaborate in future? Don’t forget to drop by our exhibition of exciting projects and organizations that already implement outreach or collaboration across institutions and learn from them about their offers for postdocs. And of course, this is a great opportunity to mingle with other Munich postdocs over drinks or snacks.

Who is part of the MPN’s Organization Committee for the Munich Postdoc Night?
The Munich Postdoc Night is jointly organized by Carla Herrmann, Tiffany Paulisch (both from the Technical University of Munich), Neele Meyer (Helmholtz Munich), Tina Scheibe (Hochschule München), Camila Hernández Frederick (Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry), Corinna Haupt (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), Michaela Eggert and Benjamin Schönfeld (Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities).

I am a postdoc, but not based in Munich. Can I participate?
If you want to come to Munich for the Munich Postdoc Night, you are welcome join with a poster or as a regular attendee. Registrations are binding and we do not cover travel costs. Please note that this target group of this event are postdocs in the Munich area. Hence, the event does not fund external researchers. Emails with related queries cannot be answered.

I am currently looking for a position. Is this the right event for me?
The Munich Postdoc Night is a networking event to bring current postdocs in the Munich area together. However, it is not a recruitment event and we will not provide information on postdocs opportunities at the participating institutions.

How can I join and be involved with the Munich Postdoc Network?
The MPN consists of enthusiastic volunteers and always welcomes new members. You can register for our MPN Newsletter to stay informed about our offers and to join our events. Furthermore, you could also join the MPN Board – just reach out to us by email! 

What is the Postdoc Appreciation Week?
Find out more about the Postdoc Appreciation Week on the website. For the third year in a row, there is now a joint and largely open event program that postdocs can join during the week from Sept. 16-20 2024. Last year, more than 60 events on networking, career perspectives, grants etc. were offered. The program for 2024 will released mid-July on the Website and LinkedIn.

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